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Projects that we are supporting as per Sep 2022


France :
Resto Bb , Toulouse
 Resto du Cœur , Pibrac
 TO7 , an association for a better integration of people in Mirail
  A chacun son Everest Help for kids with cancer or suffering from  leukaemia

Germany :
 Stallwerk HH  Hippo therapy for handicapped children, in Hamburg
 Getrud-Frohn-Stiftung Street projects for kids in Cologne
 Sucht-und-Wendepunkt Help for children in families with alocool and drug problems, in Hamburg

The world
 Astrid Toda  Benin (Afrique) Construction of schools
 Partage Tanzania , Alimentation program for little children in Tanzania
 Dumelang  Orphanage for AIDS orphans in South Africa
 F.A.O.K.  Support of two high schools for girls and one for boys in Kabul, Afghanistan
 TARETO MAA  Protection center in Kenia against FGM (female genital mutilation)
and forced marriage
 WIPE EVERY TEAR Support of victims of human trafficking for sexual abuse in Asia
 Thieu Lm , Kambodja, Orphanage for victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam
Association Maroc  Help for the population in the south of Maroc
 Les amis de Tchanfetho  Educational farm on the Ivory coast